AmpCoil + Biofeedback. It Really Works.

AmpCoil is a therapy that uses Nikola Tesla’s ideas on Pulsed Electromagnetic Frequencies (PEMF) to mimic Earth’s naturally soothing sound waves to align your body back to its natural rhythm. This non-invasive process is best known in the industry for easing the symptoms of chronic ailments such as Lyme Disease and psoriasis.  PEMF is a process that the FDA has approved to help with fractured bones, urinary incontinence, depression & anxiety. The AmpCoil wellness equipment makes administering PEMF incredibly easy and can be used to find relief from almost any physical or mental stressors that you may be experiencing.

Amber told us how InsideOut AmpCoil services have helped her daughter and why she believes this is the best solution. The proof is in the pudding.

“My 6-year-old daughter has been suffering from psoriasis for almost 3 years. Her pediatrician and dermatologist prescribed steroids, oral medications and creams/gels which she was on for over six weeks straight. I felt like I’d tried EVERYTHING, until a friend told me about Shay. I hated seeing my daughter suffer through her psoriasis and we decided to give amp coil a try. She did the biofeedback analysis which showed lots of yucky things inside her body, strep being one of them. After her first treatment and a week after starting the supplements, Shay recommended she have her yearly checkup with her pediatrician. The pediatrician saw how bad her spots of psoriasis were at the time and said that was unusual for the summer, so he tested for strep throat – she tested POSITIVE. With Shay’s help, we’ve cleared her body of strep and after just 3 weeks of supplements and amp coil treatments her psoriasis spots are almost completely gone. I 100% recommend them to anyone with health issues, or just to get your body HEALTHY.”


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